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Our crew is here to give you the best experience from start to finish. We know that roofing can be a serious investment—whether for a home or commercial property. That’s why you need to protect your budget with quality workmanship. You can trust Accurate Roofing Solutions to get the job done right!

Which Roofing Service Do You Need?

Getting a custom solution helps ensure you’re getting exactly what you need in a roofing system. Nothing more and nothing less. We offer the full range of roofing work and can help you find the best fit.

Re-Roof Applications

When repairing a specific area or two just won’t cut it, you’ll need to start thinking about a re-roofing solution. No roof can last forever. The life expectancy for composition shingles is around 25 to 30 years. But sometimes that can get cut short if the granules are dislodging and washing away. Instead of putting a temporary band-aid on the situation, it’s better to prevent further damage. Re-roofing can help protect your structure and give you true peace of mind.

The re-roofing process varies for every property, so our crew will always communicate clearly about your project timeline. And once we’re done, you can feel confident that your roofing system is going to last for years and years to come.

Roof Repair Work

In an ideal world, you can get things taken care of with a simple roof repair. It’s often an inevitable part of a roofing system’s lifespan. Maybe there’s a leak and you’ve noticed some water staining in the ceiling. Or maybe it’s increased to a water drip. You’ll also a risk of cracks showing up over time. We’ll work with you to determine the best course of action. Whether it’s time for a new roof or we can save money with repairs, let us help!

We work on roof repair projects all throughout Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Please don’t hesitate to reach to learn more about our service or to get on the schedule for your FREE estimate!

New Construction

Every phase of a new build is crucial. But your roofing system  is definitely one of the most important parts. Good roof construction works to protect your building from the ground up. Don’t risk settling for an amateur team of roofing contractors. Accurate Roofing Solutions is licensed and  insured. We also have decades of experience to back up our quality of work.

Roof Maintenance

Our roofing tune-up projects can be a smart choice for anyone, yet this work is usually requested by property management companies. If you represent homeowners and building owners who need to stay on top of their roof maintenance, we’d love to talk. Our routine maintenance can help prevent a major situation from happening down the road.

We handle everything from caulking and resealing, to drain and gutter cleanup. Along the way, we’re also going to work efficiently. We don’t want the work to create unnecessary downtime or inconvenience to you or your tenants. Let us know what questions you have. We’d be happy to get in touch!

The Different Types of Roofing

If you aren’t sure of how to choose one type of roof over another, we can give you the information you need. First and foremost, it’s all about your building. Then we can start discussing the color and other design options.


You can go with a composition shingle roof when you have a minimum roof slope of 2:12. These are low-pitch roofs, and  typically come with residential structures.

Thermoplastic Membranes

The latest TPO material can last between 10 to 25 years or more. Even better, they’re exceptionally cost-effective for commercial and industrial applications.


Other commercial sites rely on coatings for their flat roofs. We have great warranties on all of our roof coating products to help ensure your investment will last for the long-haul.

Meet Accurate Roofing Solutions

We’ve been installing quality roofing systems since 2003. And we continue to expand our company’s recognition and reputation with friendly, professional service. Need some roof repairs? Or a re-roofing project upgrade? You’re going to get a timely response from our team, as well as the best warranties in the business.

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